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Word Counts For Different Types Of Text

Nobody will forbid you to write as long texts as you want, but bear in mind: sometimes an article or a novel remains unclaimed precisely because of its length.

Blog And Website Content

A blogger should remember that people are accustomed to quick online surfing. Even loyal attendees reluctantly take on reading the internet texts which seem huge at first glance.

The optimal limit for a personal blog post, something like ‘That’s what I think’, is 2,100 words — such a post can be read in seven minutes.

When it comes to ideal expert materials (how-to articles, reviews, etc.), they are a bit longer — up to 3500 words per article.

Literary Fiction

An aspiring writer who is going to publish a work needs to know: every publishing house has unique requirements.

Regarding the length of non-fiction or fiction for adults, these requirements usually aren’t too strict.

Children’s literature is quite another matter.

By way of example, we’ll quote Australia’s leading publisher Allen & Unwin’s guidelines.

Allen & Unwin point out that their limits are:

  • for beginner readers, aged 5-7, word length 5,000-10,000;
  • for confident readers, aged 7-9, word length 10,000-25,000;
  • for middle-grade readers, aged 10-13, word length 25,000-50,000;
  • for young adult readers, aged 14+, word length 50,000-100,000.

Of course, the quality of a text isn’t less important than its volume.

If you have original ideas and a good sense of style, your pieces will find their readers sooner or later, one way or another.

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