What happens if you stop using disposable paper cups?

Why the problem of coffee cups is serious?

two disposable coffee cups in trash

A disposable coffee cup, thrown in a garbage container, seems harmless. Paper decomposes quickly enough, unlike batteries, tins or rubber tyres. Moreover, in theory, it may be recycled. What’s wrong?

The thing is such cups often have polyethylene lining keeping liquid from saturating the paper. The polyethylene is very difficult to separate. As a result, only a small part of such garbage is converted into new goods. And let’s not forget about lids which are usually made of plastic entirely.

All the problems caused by the manufacturing of disposable tableware should also not be ignored.

During this process and further shipping of the derived products, carbon dioxide releases - it’s a key greenhouse gas that drives global warming.

The CO2 emission per one paper cup reaches 0.11 kilograms (0.24 pounds).

While making the future rubbish, factories consume enormous volumes of water, create polluted effluents…

Just put a reusable coffee mug in your backpack. That’s an excellent way to say: ‘I love you, my Earth!’

Note: the calculations, given above, are based on the assumption that you buy hot drinks in standard 16 oz. cups (about 470 ml.). Of course, we know: there are 12- and 8 oz. coffee cups as well. We didn’t try to carry out scientific research, our goal was to show that each of us could do some good without spending money and time.

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