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Good To Know

When writing a text, express your thoughts clearly. Organize your ideas into a logical outline, choose simple expressions instead of complex terms as often as you can and — the last, but not least — shorten too long sentences.

A good sentence consists of 8-20 words, 25 at the most. Pay attention: we don’t offer you the only right figure — let’s say, the arithmetic mean 14. You should alternate short constructions with a bit longer ones, otherwise, the narrative flow will be monotonous.

Use our tools counting words and sentences to understand whether your text is easy to read or not.

If you discover there are a pair of ugly behemoths in your text, try to found unnecessary «which,» «who», «that» clauses. Get rid of them without mercy. Replace some commas and semicolons by periods.

Don’t be upset! Vigorous, concise writing is just a matter of habit.

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