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How to Calculate the Percentage Difference Between Two Numbers?

The simplest way to find the percentage change is to use our tool, but you can also calculate it by yourself.

It’ll take you about a minute.

So, there are two numbers, and one of them is bigger than another. We have either increase or decrease in the index you need to know.

X Increases To Y

Work out the difference between Y and X. Let’s call it Z:  Y — X = Z

Divide Z by the smallest of the two numbers and multiply the result by 100: (Z : X) * 100

Add a percent sign.

For example, you bake custom cakes. You were able to sell 8 cakes in November and 20 ones in December.

20 — 8 = 12

(12 : 8) * 100 = 150

We have found out that 20 is 150% bigger than 8.

X Decreases To Y

Again, the difference between your numbers has to be calculated first: X — Y = Z

Divide it by the second — biggest — number, then multiply the answer by 100: (Z : Y) * 100

In December, your loyal clients have bought 20 cakes. In January, they decided it was time for them to go on a diet: you have sold only 8 cakes.

20 — 8 = 12

(12 : 20) * 100 = 60

As you can see, 8 is 60% smaller than 20.

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