Secure Password Generator

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About this generator

I was making the website for myself - I often have to create passwords. I wanted the tool to be simple and convenient. Therefore I created this random password generator.

Nobody knows your new password

Сreated combinations aren't stored on the server. As a user closes the page, the data disappear.

100 variants to choose from

The tool generate 100 unique strong passwords at the same time. You can use any one.

The passwords are understandable without reference to fonts

If you tick “Remove duplicate characters”, you won't deal with similar “o” (the letter) and "0" (zero) or something of that kind.


The website is usable from any device including smartphones and tablets. No problem with small screens.

How to protect your password

Really useful tips from Computerphile.

25 Facts about Information Security

Read the list of interesting facts just now to get an idea of the typical passwords mistakes and the most prevalent cybercrimes.