Achieve Your Goals & Keep Life Balance

Step 1: type in five key areas of your life

How does our tool work?

That's really simple.

You cannot solve problems effectively in all the areas of your life here and now. A much more reasonable approach is to face the challenges sequentially so that each new step could be emotional support on your way to the other goals.

The tool prioritizes your tasks depending on:

  • how often a particular trouble concerns you - if something constantly poisons your life, you should do something about that as soon as it’s possible;
  • how many days you need to achieve your objectives in the most important areas – there is no point in delaying something that matters to you and won’t take much time.

Please note that the proposed plan will be useful on condition that you think carefully about what type in the fields of the tool.

It won’t make the right decisions instead of you, it only will help you to get thoughts in order.

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