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Social Media Posts: The Maximum Length In Characters

Do you know the specific limits for different types of online content?

Look at the data.

Twitter: 280

A few years ago, a tweet could contain 140 symbols. In 2017, this popular microblogging platform allowed writing twice longer posts.

Enjoy the nice opportunity, nevertheless, keep in mind: tweets with less than 100 characters get, on average, 17% more engagement. You can find the conclusion in two credible independent sources at once — the first report was prepared by Buddy Media, the second one was released by Track Social.

Pinterest: 500

That is mainly a picture sharing network not intended for big texts. You have only 500 letters and punctuation marks to describe a photograph or a drawing on Pinterest.

Instagram: 2,200

If you want to tell something very interesting, use all 2200 symbols, yet express the most important thoughts in the first sentence. Captions are shown in the Instagram feed from beginning to end providing that they consist of 125 symbols or less.

Facebook: 63,206

What an amazing figure! Stop. Let’s real: it will take half an hour to have read a story that’s 63,206 characters long.

People are used to quick scrolling through their feeds, they prefer short news.

400 - 600 characters in a FB post is the reasonable limit which we should take as a basis.

LinkedIn: no strict limit

Here it doesn’t matter how long your post is. Just remember: the button «See more» cuts off posts at the 140 character mark on LinkedIn.

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